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Lily Lynette I love you to infinity and beyond baby girl you are gone but not forgotten, I will never forget you, i feel you walk beside me, you will never really leave us! Baby girl Keep shining down on us, I will see you again one day<3Monika Ceccarelli


Lily Lynette Furneaux, was only 2 years old when God called her up to be with him so soon. Lily was a little girl full of vibrancy, she loved Jesus, she loved her family. She could light up any room with her smile.  Lily was her Mommys world and more, Lily meant the entire world to her Mom. I have never seen a mother so dedicated to a little girl then her mom was. Lily came from a wonderful family, a family full of Love, Cheer, happiness, and hope, they all have such a big heart. Lily loved spending time on the beach, where her mother often took her. Her favorite television show was Glee, she loved when Dodo sang! Lily was a brilliant little girl, full of life and excitement. When Lily Smiled the whole world began to shine brighter then ever. Now our dearest Lily is in heaven, dancing upon the clouds holding Jesus' hand. He met her at the gates along with Lily's Great-Papa Furneaux where they promised to protect her and hold her forever after. Let us remember Lilys Life on this website, post memories,prayers, videos, poems anything you have that you may want to share with us to let Lily know you care.

Justice for Lily;

Lily was brutally killed by her step mother on November 20, 2010, since her death a campaign has been started in her name "Justice For Lily" We are all here to support Lily and fight until the end; until Justice Is served. Lily will get her justice, and the person who put this little girl through the trauma she was put through, shall get what they deserve,Justice is the least we can grant little Lily. Let us fight and strive for her, Let us remember her forever on.We are here to fight to infinity and beyond for this little girl, and get her justice. Please never forget Lily, keep her in your prayers along with her Mommy, Ama, Papa, And Dodo, Pray for the entire family.

Thank you for visiting dont forget to leave a tribute for Lily please!<3


If you have a special event of Lilys life you would like to share please email it to me and i will post it in the Life story on here. Email me with as much info as you have, date, event etc. My email is dont forget to leave a memory of Lily, and a condolence for the family. Thank you and God Bless.

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